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Administrative Law and Government Relations

An important number of our clients’ transactions involve the public sector, through different types and procedures of public procurement. Even when public businesses are not involved, we support our client in complying with national regulations.

For us, doing business with the State represents an important commitment to reach our clients’ goals, providing goods and services for the benefit of the community. At Gufa Law, we’ve consolidated experience and knowledge to provide legal advice in developing transparent public business, in areas like public procurement and public-private partnerships.

Government is a powerful engine. If you understand how to navigate the Government’s intricate structure, it can represent plenty of opportunities. However, your business can become easily entangled with public procedures and laws, resulting in a time-consuming and expensive experience. Engaging an advisor with legal skill and political insight to provide strategy, along with the skill to execute that strategy, is vital. Gufa Law’s strategies team understands the politics of government, delivering results for clients in need of strategic counsel while working with state and municipal agencies and officials.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Management of public contracts at all stages
  • Compliance with national regulations
  • Government relationships
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